About the Author

Dr. Richard J. Fruncillo spent most of his professional career as a clinical pharmacologist/human toxicologist conducting phase 1 clinical research studies for a major US pharmaceutical corporation. He was principal investigator for over 200 clinical trials in the cardiovascular, endocrine, CNS, infectious disease, anti-inflammatory and gastrointestinal therapeutic areas. In addition to being a practicing internal medicine physician, he has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a PhD in biochemical pharmacology. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology, and the American Board of Toxicology. He has previously taught pharmacology/toxicology at the medical/graduate school level and is the author of many scientific publications in the areas of basic and clinical pharmacology/toxicology. Currently, he is a consultant to the medical and legal professions in the areas of pharmacology, toxicology, and drug development.