Dr. Richard J. Fruncillo offers a new review guide to toxicology students and practitioners featuring concise and up-to-date board type questions with 2,000 Toxicology Board Review Questions!

Mastering toxicology can seem synonymus with memorizing an endless amount of facts. Keeping current and preparing for exams is almost always associated with a certain amount of stress and frustration. 2,000 Toxicology Board Review Questions was created  with the objective of assisting students and practitioners in evaluating their knowledge and understanding of the concepts in general toxicology.

All questions in the book are based on information contained in the most well-respected and recent textbooks in the field of toxicology. Designed to facilitate the most effective way of learning amongst users, the book is divided into thirty-five specialty chapters, and all answers are referenced to the original textbook source.  2,000 Toxicology Board Review Questions is the perfect study guide for students preparing for the toxicology boards, practitioners who would like to have a source of recent questions for review, and for those enrolled at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.